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Camper-Van Rental Portland

Camper Travel works with one motorhome rental company that has a depot in Portland, Oregon. The office is accessible by taxi, and transfers are available for a fee.

Get a list of all RVs available in Rose City, compare rates and take advantage of the best deals! Simply enter your travel details into the Quote Calculator.

Cruise America

The Cruise America depot in Portland is located in SE 82nd... [more]

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Why CamperTravel?

CamperTravel is a global leader in campervan/rv/motorhome hire with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the US.


There is power in numbers. As a CamperTravel customer, you get better protection than booking direct because you represent not just yourself but thousands of others that booked through us.


Find and compare hundreds of unique vehicles and deals from Top Brands.


We have no inventory to manage and maintain. Our only business is YOU and finding the perfect vehicle for your holiday.


If your vehicle of choice is not available from one supplier, we will find the best alternative vehicle for you from several others.